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This is Koryo CSGO

Koryo is a safe and secure CS:GO cheat, using private methods and safe techniques to keep our users safe from VAC bans.

Our cheat is totally stealth from VAC and we do support some other anti cheats, we are not injecting or modifying in any way the game files.

We guarantee a great user experience in which you can have fun without having to think for any kind of issue.

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Cheap prices

We are offering high quality cheat at cheap price.

Same quality competitors are not cheap as us :) !

This is Koryo Apex

Not only CS:GO, we do provide other cheats such as Apex Legends.

Our Apex Legends cheat is lining up with our CS:GO one.

We do aim to provide the mostly legit-looking cheat, without having to take any high risk!

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This is Koryo Rainbow Six

Our Rainbow Six cheat is lining up with our CS:GO & Apex Legends one.

We do aim to provide the mostly legit-looking cheat, without having to take any high risk!

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  1. Yesterday
  2. codsec


    I see that you are not a customer so that’s why you don’t have access to discord, u can make your pre sale questions here or try the pre-sale questions channel on discord... https://discord.gg/fMWH3zr
  3. vacbann


    I can't log into the discord server, Koryo # 9832 it doesn't work, how should i do it?
  4. SAVE i and lots of friends want to buy too if you code for Warrock-Papaya
  5. Last week
  6. Dear customers, and non, we have stopped any renewal/new purchase of Rainbow Six for some days. I want to analyze more in depth what did happen in the past 2 days. (We are pretty sure bans were caused by the spoofer) Also I'm taking the opportunity to let complaining people subscription expire I take also the opportunity to remind that we provide a free HWID spoofer for our Rainbow Six cheat, but we dont take any responsability of its detection or whatever, as we said many times, spoofers can be detected easily. I'm doing it to prevent any other issue for our customers, we care of you. Hope you understand, Koryo.
  7. Dear customers, I'm happy to announce that: We have re-designed our panel Our cloud config is now more upgrade Apex cheat does now support cloud-config! Hope you like the improvements, Koryo.
  8. in addition to what our friend above said we had a manual massban about a month ago and we had security improvements for all cheats after that...
  9. never been detected, they had some manual bans but not a regular detection
  10. when is the rainbow six siege latest detection?
  11. when you have access to the cheat you have a file called settings.ini that allows you to configure your cheat the way you want, enabling and disabling the features you want to use and which ones you don't
  12. i sent a pm to u yesterday, mate
  13. friend be more detailed, which cheat you want to buy and what your doubt about
  14. idk if Koryo is too busy atm, but if u didnt readed discord check it when u can, thanks
  15. Hey guys so i wanna use this for walls only, and am wondering if and how you turn off the aim bot?
  16. Hi sorry for the delay. we have a private version for 5Ewin to get it you must contact koryo by discord Koryo#9832
  17. How safe is it ,Is it available now?
  18. Only Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64x
  19. I'm an oldschool cheater and I have iniuria lifetime. However, they don't reset my hwid to my mothers home. So i'd like to know if this chear runs on mac because my mom only has mac and i'm grounded because of corona.
  20. Earlier
  21. change your hd / ssd and motherboard / network card this will already be possible for you to play gamersclub again or use some kind of spoofer
  22. Hi, I am interested in buying csgo extreme to play at Gamersclub, but I am banned from HWID. How could I disband myself in order to play?
  23. What does soft detection mean correction. What do you mean one single partial detection
  24. Because the processor does accept CAD.. however 15.40$ are perfectly 10 eur (as listed on website).. let's say its just a other way to display the money.
  25. Hello im new here, why does the buy now site say 10$ and when i want to pay with stripe it says 15,40 canada $?
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