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This is Koryo CSGO

Koryo is a safe and secure CS:GO cheat, using private methods and safe techniques to keep our users safe from VAC bans.

Our cheat is totally stealth from VAC and we do support some other anti cheats, we are not injecting or modifying in any way the game files.

We guarantee a great user experience in which you can have fun without having to think for any kind of issue.

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Cheap prices

We are offering high quality cheat at cheap price.

Same quality competitors are not cheap as us :) !

This is Koryo Apex

Not only CS:GO, we do provide other cheats such as Apex Legends.

Our Apex Legends cheat is lining up with our CS:GO one.

We do aim to provide the mostly legit-looking cheat, without having to take any high risk!

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  3. Dear customers, I've pushed an update on all the cheats, now you can use "-1" key on some features (please check a clean config) to have them always enabled even if you restart the cheat (examle: glow_esp=-1)
  4. Hello dear Members, one or more might have noticed there was a new wave out, I would like to inform you about the newest vac ban wave, delayed bans are finished now within the past 5 days a lot of providers got detected, we easy survived gooood job Koryo, best legit cheat. its not get good get gamesense, its get good get Koryo
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  6. I want to know for sure whether the radar used in 5ewin will be found, such as customized version
  7. Dear customers, starting from now, you can change your HWID every 15 days for free. Due to HWID change abuse, we won't offer any additional HWID reset for free. If you want to change your HWID earlier or more than twice, you'll have to buy a HWID reset from @Koryo
  8. Koryo

    I love tapping

    specific setting for USP fov 3 smooth 0 rcs off if I do remember correctly, it's pretty old video
  9. Dear customers, an update for Koryo Apex has been released! Changelog: Updated to latest patch Fixed a rare issue which sometimes the cheat won't work Aimbot has been reworked and now is more powerful Made the cheat mostly auto-update proof (beta)
  10. Hello Guys, I've been testing the cheat close to a week, and I can say in my eyes its one of the best external cheat I ever seen. Tested/Played with more than 20 different ones especially with my own cheat I created... About the cheat: Easy setup and all settings can be used via web panel which make it more easier for beginners and lazy boys this cheat doesnt have any game crashes, which is pretty known by externals sometimes they issue crashes in different situations, but this cheat doesn't Aimbot: (I dont use aimbot) but it has many aim settings which can be changed, its 100% legit made the aimbot theres no corsshair shake or placement errors. even on higher fov I tested and watched the demo, it should be really safe if you went in overwatch cuz on demo, pretty hard seeable if you use aim or not. Trigger: Most important feature for me, i love how its created. Pretty decent shots with a small legit delay (That's how it should be!!) garantured no untrusted ban possible, im sure vacnet wouldn't detect it. Glow/WH: well... 10/10 nothing to comment a glow like you expect...I used the default setting which is best. and what I really like is the 3 steps of the glow. Green/Orange/Red it goes HP Based mhhh awesome! Misc: Its all you need bhop for people who like jumping and it has small strafes so its not obvious (like you jump/strafe on Mouse scroll mwheelup/down). Skinchanger, yea its fast setup and works great but yea for low pc users not recommend it forces lags fps drops a lil bit. AND You can not add a knife, which make it a bit sad, everyone would love to use a knife i guess maybe it can be fixed, normally it should, knife changer works in external just gloves are Internal thingy..but yea.... In total I say, im happy to use it for the good price and surely, ill keep using this awesome cheat. BIG THX to KORYO Regards BestStar
  11. I'm using windows 7 by myself without any problems, works great no crashes , nothing. hope it helps you a bit.
  12. 可根据要求提供5e作弊,请联系Koryo。如何联系你 购买后怎么联系你 5EWIN
  13. Koryo Extreme supports windows 7/8/8.1/10 x64
  14. Dear customers, a small update for Koryo CS:GO Lite, Extreme and Apex has been released! Changelog: Re-implemented Dynamic FOV (mode = 3) on all the cheats, now it should be properly working and will be default since new configs. Some improvements News: From 15.12.19 Koryo Extreme will stop supporting 5e anti-cheat, if you want a dedicated 5e build please contact me.
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  16. Eac should work fine i always used glow
  17. Guyu

    Loading error

    But it doesn't always load
  18. Koryo

    Loading error

    This is not an error, its just the welcome message.
  19. Dear customers, a small update for Koryo Apex has been released! Changelog: Improved Aimbot quality Fixed Aimbot stick issues
  20. face2myass2


    I'm think he means there has some trouble when he try to run cheat with his cloud setting maybe like cloud setting didn't work... so I suggest 你还不如打中文哈哈哈
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