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  3. could you give me a sign brother? make the payment through Crypto I have all the receipts it's been 10 hours and no one has contacted me
  4. 10 hours since the payment for extreme was made through crypto... I still don't receive anything and no one accepts me on discord
  5. the payment with crypto was made you could accept me friend? nothing comes to my email about the software
  6. brother... the payment with crypto was already made I am trying to communicate with you, could you accept me in discord?
  7. 1,Hi, I was wondering if CS:GO Extreme supports 5E, 2,Is the 5E version still 20€30 days, or is the price different? 3,Can I use other versions of Extreme? Like B5, EAC? Or only 5E can be used after 5E is selected I am not good at English. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you!
  8. Nic3Liv3


    @Koryo what is your Discord Name?
  9. I need to buy 5E cheater. How can I contact you?
  10. We do not accept PayPal
  11. As I can see there are paypal payment method. How can I pay with paypal?
  12. Hello, I want to ask whether cheating is applied in 5eplay and b5, and then make a purchase.
  13. dm me on discord we can talk
  14. you are give lifetime subscription ? or not ?
  15. I have used alot of closet/legit cheats (even 1 private) and this is the best external cheat i have ever seen the aimbot is actually good, glow esp is ok/basic, sound esp is nice to have (if you want the beep to be quieter just turn down system sounds) bhop is fine the cheat is good for legit/closet cheating the cheats performance is good i have a old intel i5 and gtx 1030 lp (potato) and it runs like without cheat setting up the cheat will take time but its very simple just play around till you find settings that dont snap and look legit enough to sum it up the lite cheat is worth the 10$! and if you want to cheat on leagues the 25$ is a good price!
  16. hey koryo i've found if its being used through steam for apex they just need to set there trigger finger in the steam controller configuration to left click and it works so no emulator required
  17. I want to buy the CSGO menu, but I don't know if I still support 5E/B5. Please answer.
  18. I want to buy APEX menu, but I don't have any options. How do I buy it?
  19. no idea to be honest.
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