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  1. I also have used leaguemode for 1 year. so in my opinion, koryo doesn't work like lm works. comprehensively, whole things are better than lm imo.
  2. justice


    no eng = no support ok?
  3. slots should be decreased rather than increasing slots in my opinion.. should go 40 slots or implement something special membership approval system. there are too many second,third account and I don't know why but most of them are chinese
  4. but there are still some remaining slots..and actually 50 slots are enough imo.
  5. no you can not. there are no slot.
  6. no you can not encrypt the encrypted file programmactically
  7. then the problem is on aimbot I guess? and please read info about supported anticheat on main.
  8. when did you exactly get banned? what features did you use? and, no wallhack or wallaim in 5ewin. this could be detected because 5ewin keeps an eye on ur screen. if you used glow or didn't turn on safe mode, you will 100% get banned.
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