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  1. This is by far the best Apex Legends cheat I have used. The cheat crashes very rarely, and updates are frequent. Koryo and support are online most of the day so you can receive support quickly. The pricing is also very fair and the slotted system will help keep the cheat undetected. Aimbot - The aimbot is definitely the best I've used, very rarely does it ever track people through walls for me. Of course, if you have rage settings there is a higher chance of it doing that since this cheat does not have visibility check. I have very good legit settings in my opinion and with a smart playstyle, you can win games easily. This cheat has a setting where it automatically increases aimbot smoothing if there are spectators. You can also choose to have aimbot turned off if people are spectating you. Overall a 10/10 aimbot. ESP - The ESP works very well, just as you expect it to. No flickering or glitches. Kind of hard to see if people are visible at longer distances but it doesn't make much of a difference if you know how to play legit with cheats. It has health glow ESP and that's all I need, no boxes or anything. Security - The cheat hasn't been detected for over a year apparently, so I believe the security will be okay.
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