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  1. Keep in mind that I use barely any features and I use it very safely, you don't need to do all these advanced things if you just wanna play matchmaking etc. You don't even need a USB to load it and all that. Aim The aimbot works as it should, not much to say about it, you can set it to bonescan, head and chest etc. The RCS for aimbot is also really neat RCS works great, if you pull down your mouse while shooting/activating rcs, it looks very legit and it works really good. I prefer to have high smoothing on it so it's kind of light. Triggerbot is a essential, I don't use this either though, I have a good reaction time without it, usually 160-175 ms. Information Cheats Wallaim is really good, I didn't know what it was first so I never used it. So when you click the wallaim key (I use C), it moves the cursor almost to the enemy, so you know if some enemy is close to where you are aiming. It doesn't snap on them, you can customize the smoothing and the offset. It's the best feature in my opinion. It works amazing The glow is good, is very customize and all, I don't use this at all to be honest, but it's nice that it's there. Radarhack/Extended Radar/Always Spotted is really nice, I sometimes use this in matchmaking SoundESP is nice if you set it up directly, I prefer to use FOV over distance. I change between them, to lower the volume you can lower "System Sounds" in the Volume Mixer, and I think you can do it in the config as well. I don't know if there is any way to change the sound though, it's a bit sharp to have it that loud in my opinion. Miscellaneous Autopistol exists and it's pretty self-explanatory, it's nice. Reduce Flashbang is really nice, you can set what max flash should be, 0-255. So if you set it to 255 it will be full flash and 0 will be no flash. I use 210 sometimes in matchmaking. You can customize every weapon for how they work with triggerbot and aimbot etc, it's really nice. Loading the cheat I'm not sure if there is a guide to load the cheat but here is how I do it: Important: Make sure you have never had any anti cheat running before you load it. You can't just close ESL Wire and then load the cheat. Restart PC if you have had AC running. 1. Plug in the USB with the cheat on it. 2. Open the cheat exe (I use silent load and I turn sounds off, cuz some anti cheats detect it). Wait like 3 seconds, click Eject on the USB and it will ask if you really want to do that because there is a process running from it (the cheat), it doesn't matter, click Continue. When it says "It's safe to plug out the USB" or whatever, just plug it out. 3. Open Steam as administrator (I don't know if it's needed, but I do this from experience, I have a shortcut on my desktop to launch steam where I made it so it auto starts as administrator) 4. Open CSGO (no special way), if you have sounds on then you will hear 3 beeps when it's loaded (Granted you have System Sounds on in Windows) 5. Win Keep in mind, the cheat doesn't close when you close csgo, so if you have silent mode you need to add a panic key or close the cheat in task manager. If you don't have silent mode I think you can just close the console. Staff Koryo him self is great, I ask a bit too much questions so I'm a bit of a pain but he is the best, support is 11/10. Conclusion I have a habit of over explaining things, so I'll sum it up. It's safe Support is 11/10, it's the best All the good features No bullshit It isn't some rage hack, you can kind of make it like that if you really try. You don't have to use some patchguard thing and you don't need to install some seperate windows version etc You can use USB to load it, to be safer etc You can also load the cheat really easily, without doing anything extra, just open the cheat. Config is really easy to edit (I suggest using Notepad++ for editing it) Actually cheap for the product you get. Can be used in Leagues and has all of the features that should be in league cheats.
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