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Extream review(Little one)


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this is a little review about the Extream hack by Koryo.


This is not my first legit "hack" I tryed out and so far so good im very happy with the product.



The aimbot is very good, no such thing as flick or noise in the RCS movement, I was surprised that i got used to it so quickly. It is humanized and got adjustable futures, like smoothness and RCS time and many more. There is also standalone RCS, that means u have RCS at anytime not only on target, personaly i dont use it because it makes it look more "obvious".  

Glow ESP:

I dont use it that much because i play on leagues(i dont want 2 risk a screengrap or somthing like that). But when i play MM i use it and its very nice, basically no flicker (u can adjust that 2) and u can customize colors (Btw Koryo u should tell them what color scheme u use because i dont think not many people know "RG chromaticity"). But ey its really cool looking.


I really like radar because it's a good way to be "legit" and still know where people are. Btw it's basic radar on ur map, I LOVE that kind.


I only use it for the sniper rifles and i have to say its really nice, u can customize delay, if it should be magnatic and so on. Me like very BIG.



There are more features like bunnyhop, sound ESP, wallaim and customized settings for each weapon there is, but i dont use them besides the customisation for each weapon. So i cant give a review.

I can savely say that this cheat is very good for legit cheating, even if u are new to cheating every thing is explained (besides the color scheme).


PS: I saw this cheat on "Hack Forums", i will recommend it and i'm excited for future updates.(English not my main language hope U guys understand)


You'r customer,




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