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This is Koryo CSGO

Koryo is a safe and secure CS:GO cheat, using private methods and safe techniques to keep our users safe from VAC bans.

Our cheat is totally stealth from VAC and we do support some other anti cheats, we are not injecting or modifying in any way the game files.

We guarantee a great user experience in which you can have fun without having to think for any kind of issue.

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Cheap prices

We are offering high quality cheat at cheap price.

Same quality competitors are not cheap as us :) !

This is Koryo Apex

Not only CS:GO, we do provide other cheats such as Apex Legends.

Our Apex Legends cheat is lining up with our CS:GO one.

We do aim to provide the mostly legit-looking cheat, without having to take any high risk!

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Koryo CS:GO Extreme

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Koryo Extreme

Koryo Extreme is a legit cheat designed for the most league-addicted players.
It supports numerous anti-cheats server & client side.

You'll get an unique build each time you'll request one from the control panel.

Glow ESP:

  • Health based or Custom color
  • Glow only player border / full player
  • Enemy only
  • Glow on players
  • Glow on the bomb
  • Glow on weapons
  • Highlight aimlocked
  • Highlight defuser
  • Speed


  • Custom key
  • Delay
  • Max. hop time


  • Custom key
  • Enemy only
  • In air check
  • Flash check
  • Delay
  • Magnetic

Standalone RCS:

  • Custom key
  • After x. bullets
  • Smooth X 
  • Smooth Y

Sound ESP:

  • FOV / Distance based
  • Sound duration
  • Sound frequency
  • Refresh Time


  • Custom key
  • FOV / Distance based
  • Smooth
  • Bone scan / head / body
  • Enemy only
  • In air check
  • Flash check
  • Visible only
  • Lock accuracy
  • Lock stick
  • Spray transfer
  • RCS


    • Custom key
    • FOV / Distance based
    • Smooth
    • Offset X/Y


    • Skin Changer
    • Reduce Flash Impact
    • Silent Mode
    • Sounds
    • Panic Key
    • Other features

    Supported Windows:

    • Windows 7 x64
    • Windows 8 x64
    • Windows 8.1 x64
    • Windows 10 x64

    Supported Anti-Cheats:

    • VAC2/3: Undetected
    • VACNet: Undetected
    • Matchmaking: Undetected
    • Source Mod Anti Cheat (SMAC): Undetected
    • Easy Anti Cheat (EAC): Undetected
    • Gamers Club: Undetected
    • SoStronk: Undetected
    • Faceit (ServerSide): Undetected
    • CEVO: Undetected
    • 99damage: Undetected
    • Challenge.me: Undetected
    • PvPro: Undetected
    • PopFlash: Undetected
    • CSPL AAC: Undetected
    • 5EPLAY / 5EWIN: Contact me for a specific version
    • B5CSGO: Contact me for a specific version

    For a more accurate & updated supported anti-cheat list please refer to the main page.


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