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Small Review Extreme @December 2019


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Hello Guys,

I've been testing the cheat close to a week, and I can say in my eyes its one of the best external cheat I ever seen. Tested/Played with more than 20 different ones especially with my own cheat I created...

About the cheat: Easy setup and all settings can be used via web panel which make it more easier for beginners and lazy boys 😛 this cheat doesnt have any game crashes, which is pretty known by externals sometimes they issue crashes in different situations, but this cheat doesn't

Aimbot: (I dont use aimbot) but it has many aim settings which can be changed, its 100% legit made the aimbot theres no corsshair shake or placement errors. even on higher fov I tested and watched the demo, it should be really safe if you went in overwatch cuz on demo, pretty hard seeable if you use aim or not.

Trigger:  Most important feature for me, i love how its created. Pretty decent shots with a small legit delay (That's how it should be!!) garantured no untrusted ban possible, im sure vacnet wouldn't detect it.

Glow/WH: well... 10/10 nothing to comment a glow like you expect...I used the default setting which is best. and what I really like is the 3 steps of the glow. Green/Orange/Red it goes HP Based mhhh awesome!

Misc: Its all you need bhop for people who like jumping and it has small strafes so its not obvious (like you jump/strafe on Mouse scroll mwheelup/down).

Skinchanger, yea its fast setup and works great but yea for low pc users not recommend it forces lags fps drops a lil bit. AND You can not add a knife, which make it a bit sad, everyone would love to use a knife i guess maybe it can be fixed, normally it should, knife changer works in external just gloves are Internal thingy..but yea....

In total I say, im happy to use it for the good price and surely, ill keep using this awesome cheat. BIG THX to KORYO

Regards BestStar




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