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  1. jbx


    I should probably have made my R6 Forum name jbx-R6 instead of zmbyz so people still know it's me lol.
  2. jbx


    I've been using it since the day it released and haven't been banned. He added an aim key option a few days ago, that may have been the update.
  3. Could be, but people have been getting hit lately. I noticed that I'm too late on this answer now :/
  4. Ah dude this is pretty nice
  5. I think he's referring to announcements toruk. He's been inactive working on an update. You have to understand that it's difficult to fix the problem when everyone wants a direct response for the same issue. With any detection on any cheat, the priority is fixing the cheat. He posts updates in announcements to keep everyone updated on the process. This allows him time to focus on it. I agree, he should probably recruit a few admins/mods to handle customer service and lighten the workload, but I promise they won't have all of the answers. Just a buffer to show you that you are being heard and the problem is being addressed. I get your point man and do understand your side of it. I would say just be patient. I know a lot of providers are experiencing the same issue at the moment it's not easy.
  6. jbx

    play faceit

    Where do you live?
  7. jbx


    Sorry for double post my phone glitched out. This question is answered please close.
  8. jbx


    Do all versions work on EAC?
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