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  1. We do not accept PayPal
  2. dm me on discord we can talk
  3. no idea to be honest.
  4. Yes there is BTC payment method
  5. Dear customers, I'm sorry and I apologize for some delayed replies. Please if you need urgent or in a hurry, contact me through discord which I'm available from mobile too instead of the website which I must be at a desktop (which in the latest period I'm not being too much due work) My discord is always Koryo#9832
  6. 1) atm we dont support 2) dont think so 3) mobo, ssd, gpu,
  7. GC we have a private version
  8. Dear customers, a new update for Koryo Extreme and Lite has been released! Changelog: A small issue that didn't let In AIr check work properly has been fixed. Cheat has been updated for latest update which broke most providers.
  9. No detections so far
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