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  1. I dont know if its still 100% undetected, some customers do use it as far as I know.
  2. Hello, it is working however not on all platforms as its a generic hwid spoofer, where you'd like to use it?
  3. Cheat is working correctly at the moment.
  4. Please get in touch with us on discord
  5. hm no idea, but we should support it without issues.
  6. where are you from? can you contact me on discord pls
  7. You can use credit card or any other method, paypal is not supported.
  8. Koryo


    We don't know if our spoofer works on gc.
  9. Didnt understand .. about which game you are talking about?
  10. Welcome in Koryo Christmas 2020 Lottery. This year we want to bring you a lotter to let you win a free subscription! How this works? You can buy one or more number between 1 and 99 for just 2 euros (for the CS:GO lottery) or 5 euro (for the Apex lottery). Wednesday 23th December the winner(s) will receive a free Apex or CS:GO 1 month subscription! How we know lottery is not a scam or whatever? We'll not draw the numbers. The lottery is based on national UK lottery lucky stars numbers, and results are public here: Results | The National Lottery (national-lottery.co.uk)
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