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  1. Koryo


    Contact me on discord ?
  2. Nope, we offer fullscreen mode! R6S has been fixed aswell.
  3. EasyAntiCheat does perform "Hardware ID" bans (but not on first ban). To avoid this you can use a hardware id spoofer. At the moment our cheat is undetected so you can play without issues.
  4. Our R6S is streamproof btw ! Thanks for the review!
  5. Our apex cheat is external, however our ESP is not stream proof as we are using in-game ESP which allows users to play fullscreen without losing peformance.
  6. So you need an hwid spoofer, however we don't provide those
  7. Yes it is undetected at the moment, otherwise would be useless to have it online.
  8. Then why you're there? Excuse me but what questions are those lmao
  9. Is not possible at the moment
  10. Koryo

    New 99 Damage AC

    Yes we do support server-sided anti cheats, we do support also FACEIT anti-cheat serverside which was one of the best.
  11. Koryo

    New 99 Damage AC

    yes should be all good.
  12. Cheat is undetected, otherwise there would be no sense to keep it online.
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