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  1. Update: The transaction ID you sent me is another customer (probably a your friend) and we have logs about everything, nice attempt.
  2. we live in different timezones. contact me on discord.
  3. Dear customers, we have made some changes in the CS:GO Extreme cheat. We have changed the way our bone list/scan works. Now you will have a "bones" parameter, where you will put the bones you want to use on each weapon, also the order of the bones will be used as prioritization list for the bone scan. A new option for the aimbot has also been added "out_of_ammo", when enabled the aimbot will stop working while refilling ammos or when your weapon has no more ammos.
  4. Dear cheaters, we are sorry to announce that we have to close our PayPal payments until furthermore updates. You can still buy through Cryptocurrencies.
  5. its generic spoofer. fortnite for sure wont work
  6. Refunds are done only if we cannot provide a working product.
  7. We don't support Faceit AC Client on Extreme
  8. Thanks for your review! I really appreciate it
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