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  1. Dear customers, I've pushed an update on all the cheats, now you can use "-1" key on some features (please check a clean config) to have them always enabled even if you restart the cheat (examle: glow_esp=-1)
  2. Dear customers, starting from now, you can change your HWID every 15 days for free. Due to HWID change abuse, we won't offer any additional HWID reset for free. If you want to change your HWID earlier or more than twice, you'll have to buy a HWID reset from @Koryo
  3. Koryo

    I love tapping

    specific setting for USP fov 3 smooth 0 rcs off if I do remember correctly, it's pretty old video
  4. Dear customers, an update for Koryo Apex has been released! Changelog: Updated to latest patch Fixed a rare issue which sometimes the cheat won't work Aimbot has been reworked and now is more powerful Made the cheat mostly auto-update proof (beta)
  5. Koryo Extreme supports windows 7/8/8.1/10 x64
  6. Dear customers, a small update for Koryo CS:GO Lite, Extreme and Apex has been released! Changelog: Re-implemented Dynamic FOV (mode = 3) on all the cheats, now it should be properly working and will be default since new configs. Some improvements News: From 15.12.19 Koryo Extreme will stop supporting 5e anti-cheat, if you want a dedicated 5e build please contact me.
  7. Koryo

    Loading error

    This is not an error, its just the welcome message.
  8. Dear customers, a small update for Koryo Apex has been released! Changelog: Improved Aimbot quality Fixed Aimbot stick issues
  9. Dear customers, a small update for Koryo Extreme has been released! Changelog: We now support all Windows builds Our cheat has received a major security update Now the driver is unique and built on-the-fly everytime you load the cheat since last reboot
  10. We will support it in next release
  11. Koryo


    @enobay You cancelled the subscription (probably by mistake) I've re-enabled it.
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