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  1. Thanks for the review btw the cheat is not just Cloud Based, we have local settings too, which allows you to change the settings anytime you want without restart pc and cheat... ESP loot, it is not possible since it is necessary to do an overlay (which increases the amount of processing) and in addition to increasing the risk of possible detection, so we prefer to keep it that way
  2. I just purchased 30 days after 7 day trial expired can u reactivate me?

    1. codsec


      call us on discord server

  3. u can use our spoofer... the cheat is UD right now, we had a problem that already is fixed
  4. How could you have been banned with our cheat, when you are not even a customer? and the sostronk will be fixed...
  5. Cheats aren't working in Sostronk. Couldn't use hacks at all and got banned from sostronk within a few mins. Please update it with respect to the new Akros anti cheat.

  6. Hardware id error,  can you just tell me where is the hardware id located and what is its format?

    cuz i  have tried entering everything and it is showing invalid hardware id

  7. Yes, we function normally without problems in Akros Anticheat
  8. Hello, our spoofer does work at GamersClub, but keep in mind that spoofers are easier to detect than any type of cheat, but our cheat is external (but we don't suffer from drop in fps because we have great optimization)
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