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been using these on apex for days at least 24 hours per day , 
i even do rage mode! still not getting ban hammer yet and it bring my new account into platinum rank.
the only thing that i dont like about their apex is that you cant use it while streaming
because ESP cant be hidden in OBS no matter what settings you do, 
but if ur not a streamer there service is highly recommended.
hopefully they can change that in the future updates, but if they CANT for SECURITY REASON
its OKAY.

im going to try the R6S later and see if its worth the buy
hopefully i dont get banned because my old account got banned on this pc 
while using other service.
the only game i would probably avoid is CSGO.. im definitely got banned on that game
because sometimes i RAGE... well ALOT! 

so people can see it in overwatched.. so yeah maybe ill stick for now on apex,
if they can make they're ESP hidden in OBS. same with R6S if not 
maybe im going to stop playing for awhile.
so yeah koryo is worth to take their service.


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