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Revised Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Review


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The cheat offers good variety of options, from glow to ESP. For an external cheat, it has very reasonable CPU use and minimal input lag as well.

However, this review will serve to let people know of some issues before using this cheat so they aren't caught clueless. If you have used different cheats for games like CS:GO, especially internal ones, there are some issues and different functionalities you need to be cautious about while playing:


The options do what they are intended to do and generally work well. Not much complaints here.



The glow option also applies glow color on player, with no option to turn it off for the player himself/herself. Additionally, while some traps and gadgets are highlighted with glow, not all are, including Frost traps and Lesion traps. While these are trivial issues, they are also worth mentioning. See-through glow option might also be good, but isn't necessary at the moment.



This is where a lot of cautionary steps need to be taken if you aren't planning to play blatantly or rage. The aimbot itself will lock to a target as long as the target is within the configured range and is within the crosshair FOV, even if the enemy is behind a hard wall, and it will stay locked to that target, as it does not have an autowall check function.

While this is completely understandable for an external, you need to be cautious about your FOV value and/or your smooth value. If you wish to appear as legitimate as possible (and have a decent aim), I would advise against setting FOV higher than 1 if you are using non-magnification scopes or 0.5 if you are using your ACOG. If you use ACOG and use an FOV that is 1 or higher, it WILL look blatant when your enemies naturally move behind hard walls. If you use regular scopes and use FOV higher than 1.5, it WILL look blatant as well. If you need higher FOV for more aim assist, feel free, but know that it will cause the aimbot to lock behind walls very suspiciously very often. Obviously none of this applies if you don't care about going blatant or raging.

You can use the draw FOV circle option to see the rough range of the FOV you have selected. Otherwise, the aimbot smooth itself seem natural enough for legitimate looking gameplay.



Frankly, these are largely for blatant and rage users. The no recoil option could be used with a legit gameplay, but almost all of your weapons will look unnatural and any experienced Rainbow Six player will be able to tell that you are not legitimate. The no spread option & no clip option are without a doubt a rage option. Perhaps this could cheat could introduce more of natural and customized recoil control system option in the future, but for now there aren't any.

10/10 since these functions do exactly what they are intended to do.


CPU usage option is a delightful option for those who need it. Obviously a lower usage will cause the cheat to be less effective.


Goes through a lot of partial detections and manual bans compared to others.

Overall Score: 4/10 Too many manual and partial detections. Legit use is not recommended with this cheat.

Hope this helps for those who are looking for more comprehensive review of the cheat or are looking to buy this cheat.

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