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5ewin situation statement!


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Hello to all our CSGO 5EWIN CHEAT customers I come here to clarify the situation that MANY people already know.

First of all I apologize to customers who trust us and have been waiting calmly for an update, it is currently not possible to update the 5EWIN cheat due to the situation of the corona virus (yes we were also affected).

How does this affect us? and what does this have to do with the 5EWIN cheat? this is simple, all files related to the csgo 5EWIN cheat are in the koryo office where it is located in another place where he does not have access now due to the quarantine state, he cannot go there and get the files, so we ask for your understanding us and the situation of 5EWIN csgo cheat, please wait be patient, what can be done will be done!


Best regards - staff  

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